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ALS 2012 Survey Overview


To begin the statistical survey, refer to the Fiscal Year 2012 (July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012) ALS Instructions for each question. You may want to look at your numbers from the ALS 2010 Survey.


Then check our Guidelines (our sample worksheet for the ALS 2012 survey).   Question-by-question, these guidelines include clarifications and provide some very useful numbers (e.g., Aleph-generated item counts).  Do not complete the sample worksheet, it is intended to provide guidance only.


After reviewing all guidelines, fill out the online ALS survey on the NCES website as requested.  However, do not submit your survey to NCES without first having it reviewed by Curtis Kendrick and the Libraries Statistics Task Force.  Instead, input your data into the ALS online form and choose the "save" option.  Then send your saved draft to Shamiana Pond as instructed below.


Fyi, the online survey form and instructions are available from the NCES website at


You will need your library's access information, which was mailed to you by the NCES.   



Important People


Listed below are the members of the Statistics Committee and the campuses to which they have been assigned.

Steven Ovadia and Monica Berger: LGCC, NYCCT, QBCC, KBCC, BMCC, BCC
Susan Vaughn: BC, YO, GC 
Nancy Macomber: QC, LAW, J-School, CSI 
Chip Stewart: CC, BB, HC, LE 

Lisa Tappeiner: NCC, MEC, Hostos


Important Dates


  • A copy of your saved draft survey should be sent to Curtis Kendrick's office by January 23, 2013.
  • Your survey will be reviewed by the Task Force and approved or returned to you for a final edit.
  • Your finalized survey is due to ALS by February 25, 2013.



Copy Us First


Prior to submission, the saved copy of your survey should be emailed as a .pdf or faxed to:


Ms. Shamiana Pond

Executive Assistant to the University Librarian

CUNY Office of Academic Affairs



tel: 212-794-5328

fax: 212-794-5706



Visual Key


  CUNY Note: Instruction specifically for CUNY librarians.
 Additional hint, clarification, comment or table.
  Pay special attention.



Proceed to Survey Guidelines


Next step:  




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